Pyrsyst Pricing

With plans starting at $2.99 USD per endpoint, Pyrsyst offers security automation and persistent coverage at a fraction of the cost of traditional SOAR platforms.

Pyrsyst allows you to customize your level of service to the needs of your organization.  View our 4 levels of service below and choose the best option for your company. 

SOAR Security Automation Vulnerability Scan

How It Works

Information Security & Compliance is complicated enough, Pyrsyst strives to simplify that.

Investigate & Deploy

Our team will discuss your current needs and any existing tools you use to set up a customized solution.

Discover & Remediate

Your team can quickly identify high-priority issues for remediation. Additional remediation services are available upon request.

Pyrsyst vs. SOAR Providers

Pyrsyst offers many of the same benefits as SOAR platforms but with a budget friendly price tag and simpler onboarding process to get your security automation up and running quickly.

Pyrsyst is also extremely flexible, offering the ability to customize your implementation to integrate easily with your current systems. Whether you’re looking for open source or closed source, single or multiple domains, or on-premise or SaaS, Pyrsyst can be deployed in a manner that makes sense for your business.

How Do We Do It?

Pyrsyst is able to offer our clients lower prices by sidestepping the expenses and liability associated with remediation. Instead, clients utilize Pyrsyst reports to help identify and execute remediation tasks themselves.

Remediation services are also available upon request through Pyrsyst’s information security service provider, and parent company, Red Lion.

Pyrsyst Service Levels

See our four service levels below and choose a plan that fits with your organization's goals. Pricing is per endpoint per month.