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What Is Pyrsyst?

Pyrsyst is an all-in-one, fully-automated information security framework brought to you by Red Lion, LLC. Similar to SOAR tools, Pyrsyst utilizes cutting edge information security and compliance tools to get you the information you need when you need it.

With Pyrsyst, you have the ability to take advantage of Security Orchestration and Automation tools at a fraction of the cost of traditional SOAR platforms with a much quicker and simpler implementation process. 

How It Works

Information Security & Compliance is complicated enough, Pyrsyst strives to simplify that.

Investigate & Deploy

Our team will discuss your current needs and any existing tools you use to set up a customized solution.

Discover & Remediate

Your team can quickly identify high-priority issues for remediation. Additional remediation services are available upon request.

Pyrsyst vs. SOAR

Pyrsyst offers many of the same benefits as SOAR platforms with a budget friendly price tag and simpler onboarding process. Offering Security Orchestration and Automation functionality, Pyrsyst allows your security team to quickly identify vulnerabilities and gaps in security and compliance coverage.

Pyrsyst is able to offer our clients lower prices by circumventing the expenses and liability associated with remediation. Instead, clients utilize Pyrsyst reports to help identify and execute remediation tasks themselves. Remediation services are also available upon request at very reasonable prices through Pyrsyst’s information security service provider, and parent company, Red Lion.


About Red Lion

Red Lion, LLC offers a wide range of cyber security consulting services and solutions. We work alongside client security teams to identify gaps in security postures and minimize cyber security threats.

Red Lion exists to serve information security professionals worldwide. We consider these people as our lion pride and we are fiercely protective and supportive of them. We aim to help those who feel under-supported and overwhelmed by offering services and products that reinforce security teams to increase productivity and minimize threats.

We believe all companies, big or small, should have the ability to utilize the benefits of Security Automation. As a result, we built Pyrsyst to help companies of all sizes protect their data and valuable digital assets without breaking the bank.

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Pyrsyst Service Levels

See our four service levels below and choose a plan that fits with your organization's goals. Pricing is per endpoint per month.